Online websites can help you get your Indian Railway current PNR Status

icon2It is a very common issue in India to get an unreserved ticket for your railway journey. Some time tickets we get are either WL or RAC. Reservation status of these tickets continuously change in railway database when other tickets get cancelled by people. We neeed to check our PNR status routinely till the departure of train to stay updated about our current reservation status.

Railway has established their own services to get people notified about their current PNR Status like 139 SMS service. Apart from this people can actually use online websites to check their railway PNR status. Here I would like to mention two websites which I prefer to check my PNR status. As handheld mobile devices are getting more common in use and many people like to surf web through their cell phones, we will emphasize on online PNR checking services.

My first preference goes to a website called Trains PNR Status ( which I think designed and maintained by some Indian railway fans. Indeed this is not an official website by railway authority. This website nothing does special, but its one feature that keeps it ahead of all pnr websites is that it is built upon a railway Q&A platform. If you have any doubt about railway rules and regulations, you can raise the question in forum. I have seen people trying to help these queries by providing correct answers.

And as you are expecting my second online web preference for checking PNR status is official railway website with which everyone is aware. Though all fan websites uses data from official website, my reason to give it second position is, its unfriendly long url structure that is not very easy to remember. One will need to first go to railway home page, then navigate to PNR page by clicking a link called ‘PNR status’.

Anyway you will never get short of online websites that can help you get your pnr status checked. All you have to remember the godfather of all websites, ‘Google’. Simply search the string ‘pnr status’ and you will get bunch of them.

I hope you all liked my this edition of writing. In the next phase of writing I will come up with some other useful topic that matters to Indian railway travellers. Till then continue with your India Train travel.